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Mega5est| New Arrival 1+2+2Est

-Electrostatic Super Tweeter in

-Up to 80Khz S-highs Extension

-New Smaller Shell/New Tuning

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Mega5P 1DD+4BAs Hybrid IEM

-1+4 (10mm DD+ 4BAs)


-Harman IEM Target Curve Tuning

-Best Highlight: Super Smooth Coherence from Low to Highs

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T2 Custom| 22% Off

-Knowles Pro 2-Drivers| 2Ways

-Free Shell&Faceplate Design

-1to1 Sound Tuning

-the Best Noise isolation and ear-fitting

-the Best Price Custom in-ear Monitor from Hisenior with Pro Balanced Sound and Super high Sensitivity

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Flagship Fe12 8+4Est

-4x Electrostatic Super Tweeter in

-Up to 80Khz S-highs Extension


-Free Shell/Faceplate Design

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Why Hisenior

We know the pro and comfy IEM means a lot to improve your live performance on stage and protect your hearing from noises. We also know not everyone is willing to invest 500$+ for an IEM. That's what makes our Hisenior different, we design and custom professional in-ear monitors for musicians, audiophiles, hi-fi lovers with affordable prices as well as 1-to-1 customized colors,accents and graphics.

  • Handmade

    Allergy Free Acrylic Resin

    Pro BA, DD Drivers for Music

  • Custom

    Accents, Colors, Graphics

    Free Shell, Faceplate

  • 2Years Warranty

    In-ear Monitors Only

    30-Days Perfect fit for CIEM

  • Free Shipping

    Orders over 50$+