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For Bassist and Drummer

Fe6| Fe8| Mega10| Mega12| Fe12

For Singer

T2| Fe3| Fe6| Fe8| Mega10| Mega12| Fe12

For Instrument(Guitar/Keys...)

Fe3| Fe8| Mega10| Mega12| Fe12

The Most Recommend Cost-effective CIEM

T2 Custom 2-Drivers|


1.Knowles 2-Drivers| 2Ways

2.Balanced Bass-Vocal-Treble Tuning with High Sensitivity, Easily Drive and Get Comfortable Sounds

3.Extremely Comfortable Ear Fitting and Superior Noise Isolation

4.1-to-1 Custom Color,Sounds

5.Free Custom Shell, Faceplate

6.119$ Best Price + Free Shipping

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For Professionals Who Need Ultimate Sound


8-12Drivers| 4-5Ways Tuning In Details| Stronger,Warmer and more Balanced Bass-Vocal-Treble

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Fe8 8-Drivers

Mega10 10-Drivers

Mega12 12-Drivers

Fe12 12-Drivers (4Ests Flagship)

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