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T4 4-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Universal)

T4 4-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Universal)

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  • T4 is the latest T-series new arrival 4-Drivers/3-Ways crossover tuned professional in-ear monitor, a fully Bass-Vocal-Treble improved IEM than the top-popular T2.
  • T4 has a more balanced natural sound and offers a softer presentation of a mix. Beautiful upper-mid imaging, realistically presenting instruments like guitars and piano as well as breathing life into saturated mid-bass mixes. Using the tuning switch and different ear-tips, T4 allows the listener to further customize the sound based on the needs of the music


  • 4-Balanced Armature Drivers/ 3-Ways Integrated Crossover
  • Tuning Switch (1IEM 4Sounds: Bass+/Soundstge+/Vocal+/Balance)
  • Harman IEM Target Curve referred Tuning, Smooth Coherence from Bass to Treble, Well-detailed and Top-Clean Instrumental Definition
  • 20Hz-22KHz
  • Ergonomic Design, Small Ear friendly

Tech Specifications

Drivers 4x BAs
Tuning 3-Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive)
Freq Response 20Hzz-22Khz
Sensitivity 115db@1mW
 Impedance 19Ω±10%
Distortion 0.5%±0.1%
Noise Isolation -20db


1Year(IEM only)

What's in the Box

  • T4 In-ear Monitor
  • Air4C Premium Cable (4.4mm)
  • Hisenior Carry Case
  • 8Pairs Silicone Eartips(L/M/S)
  • 2Pairs Foam Eartips(M)
  • Clean Cloth
  • Cable Clip
  • Switch Adjust Pin

I Have Questions, Need Support

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  • Contact us by email:
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Free Shipping

  • Default: Yanwen Standard (15-20Days)| E-packet (20-45Days) 
  • Faster: Yanwen VIP(10-15Days)| DHL-Fedex-EMS (9-12Days) Optional

T4 IEM + WhiteWhale 

  • Save 26$
  • Improve T4's Vocal/Instrumental Clarity, Definition/Highs Extension up to 20%
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T4 IEM Design Inspiration

  • Clear blue skies with fluffy floating white clouds over the blue Oceans
  • Sound Features: Clear, Relax, Soft

1IEM 4Sounds

  • T4 In-ear Monitor 4Drivers/3Ways Crossover (Passive)
  • Tuning Switch Provides 4 Variant Sounds (Balance/Bass+/Vocal+/Soundstage+)
  • Flexible and Easy Satisfy Musicians' (Drummer,Guitarist,Singer...) Stage Monitor Demands from 1x T4 IEM
  • Using the Switch, T4 allows the User to Further Customize the Sound Based on the Needs of the Music

Standard Air4C OCC Cable

  • 4Strands 53Cores/Strand, total 212Cores
  • Supeior soft and light, fit to ears comfortable
  • Zinc Alloy Plug Shell, Gold-plated Plug
  • 1.2M Length, 4.4mm Gold-plated Jack-plug (Default)

WhiteWhale Premium Cable

  • Hisenior Best Cable
  • Buy T4 IEM + WhiteWhale together, Save 26$ and Improve Vocal/Instrumental Clarity, Definition/Treble Extension
  • Premium UP-OCC (Silver Plated) 2Strands 24AWG
  • 290Cores Multi-layers Shielded and Coaxial Design
  • Ultra soft with Brand New Clean White Color
  • 4.4mm Balanced Gold-plated Brass Plug
  • Anodized Aluminum Alloy Plug Case, Splitter, Slider
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
由貴子 西村
理想的なイヤホン ideal earphones





 The moment I heard it, this was it!
Earphones with the sound I was looking for! I was impressed.

T4 and OKAVANGO were released at the same time, but I bought them from OKAVANGO first.
The OKAVANGO is impressive for its powerful and dense sound, and I get the impression that the sound image becomes clearer the more you play it, but with the T4, you can clearly see the sound of the instrument from the beginning and feel the spaciousness of the sound.

The vocals also sound clear and realistic without being overshadowed by the sounds of the instruments.

These are earphones that you can't help but listen to.


Bennet Kelly
Musicality and Balance

The T4 is a pleasure to listen to, that is if what you are after is a balanced and eminently musical sonic experience. The tuning switch implementation is spot on and provides a measure of useful flexibility without sacrificing the outstanding clarity and detail.
What the T4 provides in abundance is a very musical and organic sound which is perfect for long listening sessions. It is one of the few that allow the listener to enjoy listening to music on the T4, without hearing the T4. High praise indeed.

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