Ear Impression

Hisenior custom in-ear monitors are full shell products. Therefore, a full impression of the ear is required featuring that must include the full helix,crush of helix,ear canal,cymba,tragus and antitragus. The impressions must be taken with a high-viscosity silicone impression material.

Impressions should be taken past the second bend of the ear canal in the “open mouth” position. In order to accomplish this, a bite block should be used throughout the entire impressions process (beginning when the impressions material is injected into the ear and ending after the impressions material has fully hardened).







FAQs of Ear Impression

1. Q: Where to make the ear impression?

     R: You can search and make an appointment with local audiologist, hearing aid center, or trained impression taker for ear impression making.

2. Q: What common processes to make ear impression I need to take care?

     R: 1) Inspect your inner ears 

         2) Ear canal protect: a small foam ball is placed in your ear canal. This will both protect your ear from the impression material AND set the depth of the impression. 

         3) Reach 2nd bend: The size, shape, and length of canals vary from person to person and even from ear to ear.We need the ear impression to go past the first bend, which is usually just inside the canal opening to the second bend. We will trim off a lot of this material but getting to the second bend gives us enough material to make a great seal.

3. Q: Do I need bite block?

     R: A 1to2 inches bite-block is recommended to reduce jaw movement. It is important that your jaw remain still in order to yield a fit with an optimal seal.

4. Q: IS a 3D.stl ear impression better than a physical impression?

     R: 3D.stl ear impression is better help to save time, save freight and higher stability than physical ear impression. But, since a 3D scan does not distend the ear canal tissue, in some cases, a 3D impression may less accurate than a physical impression. If you do get a 3D scanned impression, please make sure to send us the file and let Hisenior team to check its quality first. 

5. Q: I have my ear impression ready, what should I do next?

     R:  When your 3D/Physical ear impression is ready, please contact and send us the photos/file of the ear impression, we need to check the ear impression quality first. If you have any other questions about the ear impression, welcome to message us or email to support@hisenior-iem.com freely.