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Okavango Hybrid 7-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Universal)

Okavango Hybrid 7-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Universal)

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Okavango Design Inspirations

  • Okavango HYBRID 7-DRIVERS IN-EAR MONITOR is the 1ST IEM in the newest and professional WILD-NATURE series, named after the world's largest inland Desert Delta.
  • We design, and we hope OKavango can be a SoundOasis for you where you can get clear, profound, dynamic, and relaxed music anywhere you need it. Just like the Okavango Delta, a life Oasis for creatures living there.


  • Okavango Hybrid has 7-drivers on each side, and a 4-Ways integrated crossover tuned in-ear monitor.
  • Okavango has a more dynamic and balanced natural sound and offers a softer presentation of a mix. Beautiful upper-highs imaging, superior highs extension up to 30Khz, realistically presenting instruments like guitars and piano as well as breathing life into saturated mid-bass mixes.
  • Custom 9.5mm dual magnet Bio-cellular Diaphgram and bass-focused dynamic driver brings you a warm profound bass and dive deeper to 10hz.
  • Using the tuning switch and different ear-tips, Okavango allows the listener to further customize the sound based on the needs of the music


  • Hybrid 7-Drivers/ 4-Ways Integrated Crossover
  • Tuning Switch (1IEM 4Sounds: Bass+/Soundstge+/Vocal+/Balance)
  • Harman IEM Target Curve referred Tuning, Smooth Coherence from Bass to Treble, Well-detailed and Top-Clean Instrumental Definition
  • 10Hz-30KHz
  • Ergonomic Design, Small Ear friendly
  • New Custom Logo + CNC processed half wood and half pearl resin tech applied

Tech Specifications

Drivers 1DD+6BAs
Tuning 4-Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive)
Freq Response 10Hzz-30Khz
Sensitivity 112db@1mW
 Impedance 20Ω±10%
Distortion 0.5%±0.1%
Noise Isolation -20db


1Year(IEM only)

What's in the Box

  • Okavango In-ear Monitor
  • Air4C Premium Cable (4.4mm)
  • Hisenior Carry Case
  • 8Pairs Silicone Eartips(L/M/S)
  • 2Pairs Foam Eartips(M)
  • Clean Cloth
  • Cable Clip
  • Switch Adjust Pin

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  • Contact us by email:
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Okavango + WhiteWhale 

  • Save 26$
  • Improve Okvango's Vocal/Instrumental Clarity, Definition/Highs Extension up to 20%
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Okavango Design Inspirations

  • Okavango HYBRID 7-DRIVERS IN-EAR MONITOR is the 1ST IEM in the newest and professional WILD-NATURE series, named after the world's largest inland Desert Delta- the OKAVANGO
  • We design, and we hope OKavango can be a Sound Oasis for you where you can get clear, profound, dynamic, and relaxed music anywhere when you need it. Just like the Okavango Delta, a life Oasis for creatures living there.

1IEM 4Sounds

  • Okavango In-ear Monitor Hybrid 7-Drivers/4Ways Crossover (Passive)
  • Tuning Switch Provides 4 Variant Sounds (Balance/Bass+/Vocal+/Soundstage+)
  • Flexible and Easy Satisfy Musicians' (Drummer,Guitarist,Singer...) Stage Monitor Demands from 1x Hybrid IEM
  • Using the Switch, Okavango allows the User to Further Customize the Sound Based on the Needs of the Music

Standard Air4C OCC Cable

  • 4Strands 53Cores/Strand, total 212Cores
  • Supeior soft and light, fit to ears comfortable
  • Zinc Alloy Plug Shell, Gold-plated Plug
  • 1.2M Length, 4.4mm Gold-plated Jack-plug (Default)

WhiteWhale Premium Cable

  • Hisenior Best Cable
  • Buy Okavango IEM + WhiteWhale together, Save 26$ and Improve Vocal/Instrumental Clarity, Definition/Treble Extension
  • Premium UP-OCC (Silver Plated) 2Strands 24AWG
  • 290Cores Multi-layers Shielded and Coaxial Design
  • Ultra soft with Brand New Clean White Color
  • 4.4mm Balanced Gold-plated Brass Plug
  • Anodized Aluminum Alloy Plug Case, Splitter, Slider
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tim Takala
Bargain high performer!

Let’s start by putting my experience into context. I have about 20 IEMs, from the Monarch MKIII, SA6 MKII, Performer 8, Galileo, Hexa, Heyday etc.

This IEM punches well above its weight class. The bass has excellent slam, mids are well presented for both male and female vocals. The soundstage with both switches up is fantastic, with excellent separation. They’re also very easy to drive.

I’d say they easily compete with the Performer 8 and SA6. For HIPHOP and classic rock they are better than both. I also got the white whale cable and could tell a difference between it and the stock cable. Never thought I’d say that, but there it is.

They EQ very well to the 5128 10dB target and have been my go to for the last few weeks.

Looks are equally as beautiful as anything in my collection. See the photos

Fit is great, but I did’t use the stock tips. Dunu Candy Large worked best. The case is also very nice, but not as easy to use with the white whale cable. Just be careful.

I’ve now placed my order for the Mega 5EST and hope to be blown away again.

Versatile allrounder

Firstly I'd like to thank Hisenior for the amazing customer support throughout the process of making my desired custom version of the Okavango. I paid fully for the custom IEM with my own money.

The included packaging and accessories that come with the Okavango are outstanding. The amount you get, at this price point is superb. I don't think I have ever gotten an IEM so chalk full of accessories as the Okavango. The cable I received, which at least visually looks almost identical to a graphene cable I own, is very nice. Looks good, performs and behaves well. I'm not much of a cable believer outside aesthetics, comfort and minor change in sound (mainly due to material impedance) and for that I have no complaints at all. Plenty of included tips. An albeit not pocketable case, I will undoubtedly use this case when travelling as it fits multiple IEMs and is essentially a flight case for IEMs.

Now to sound: I have a large library of music spanding from late 60s all the way to music released just yesterday. I love looking for new music and have an ever growing, arguably too large library. If I had to mention a few things I do NOT listen to, K-pop and J-pop would be two popular genres I lack in my library. Having said that, the Okavango performs well with literally every genre I listen to. It's a warm sounding, soulful and fun allrounder that does everything well in my opinion.

BASS: Depending on whether you like a bass or not, left switch down turns it nicely down, while switch up can give you ear-tickling, chest thumping bass. It is not overly done at all, and only shows it's muscle if the song has a lot of bass. If not, it never overstays it's welcome. The bass is also medium-fast; meaning very natural sounding DD. As an example, I ordered the Penon 10th Anniversary Edition a while back - an IEM for 500 USD, praised by many for it's bass. I genuinely think the Okavango has superior bass. Overall I think the Okavango is a much better purchase than the Penon 10th, and that at 200 dollars less!

MIDS: Mids are lush and soulful. Not recessed or overly forward. I have a tendency to be sensitive to 2k and 4k peaks, and the Okavango never sounds too much to me. Just right 👌

HIGHS: Highs, much like the bass can depend on the switch. Personally I like sparkle and an enhanced high end and the Okavango hits the nail on the head for me with the switch up. If that's not your jam, then the right switch down tones down the treble by decent enough bit to likely not be offensive for anyone who prefers a more mellow high end.

Finally, onto COMFORT: I am quite picky when it comes to comfort. I have a small/medium sized ears and usually a lot of larger IEMs stick far out for me and can get uncomfortable over time, especially if they have a "custom" moulding to the shell. I would say the Okavango is medium sized, with no sharp edges and I can use it without issues for all hours of the day and never have it become uncomfortable!

TLDR: I love the Okavango. It plays all music well; it sounds fun and soulful and changes significantly depending on switch positions. I can use it all day without discomfort and at the price I'd gladly recommend it to anyone looking for a set around this price point!

Lars Rönnbäck
The most musical set I've heard

I have been in the hobby for a few years now and own a lot of different IEMs, earbuds, and headphones. For the last year or so I started to grow tired of my analytical sounding gear. I've realized that I first and foremost want to have a "fun" experience when listening to music. I had already started shifting gear towards that goal when my Mega5P accidentally got stepped on. When I got in touch with Hisenior they mentioned new sets were on their way, so I thought I'd take a chance and blind buy one of them instead as a replacement. All I can say is wow, the Okavango delivers precisely what I am looking for, a genuinely fun and clear sound with a great sense of musical presence. If you want a musical set, then this is definitely endgame material.

Ferdinando Antinoro
Wonderfull IEM

Aesthetically one of the most beautiful IEMs ever seen.
In addition to aesthetics, their sound is very musical, listening to them is pure musical enjoyment.
It is not an IEM for those looking for extreme technicalities, but for those who want to have satisfying listening. I strongly recommend them.

Leonard A
Hisenior Okavango an lush oasis of sound

Hisenior Okavango is just pure fun, it delivers a joyful experience where your feet will start tapping to your music. Not the most resolving set out there, but this was never what they tried to make here. Bass is lush and organic, mids are full and forward and treble is detailed and not tiresome.
The Okavango is for me a set where you can put on everything, good for just sitting down and enjoying music. Not for picking apart music, but for enjoyment sake.

I would rate it a solid 5star for the money.

Enjoy your music guys and gals.

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