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Okavango Hybrid 7-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Custom)

Okavango Hybrid 7-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Custom)

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1.  Choose the CUSTOM IEM you are interested in and Place Order 

2.  Choose the CIEM Design (Shell, Faceplate, Custom Artwork...)

3.  Prepare Ear Impression (Physical Ear impression/ 3D Scan Ear Impression)

4.  Ship us the Physical Ear Impression or Send us 3D Ear impression .stl file

5.  Wait for 2-4 weeks Until Your Custom IEM is Ready, We Will Share the CIEM Photos before arranging the shipping to you.

I Have Questions, Need Support, Please Email or Message us

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  • Contact us by email:
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Okavango Design Inspirations

  • Okavango HYBRID 7-DRIVERS IN-EAR MONITOR is the 1ST IEM in the newest and professional WILD-NATURE series, named after the world's largest inland Desert Delta.
  • We design, and we hope OKavango can be a SoundOasis for you where you can get clear, profound, dynamic, and relaxed music anywhere you need it. Just like the Okavango Delta, a life Oasis for creatures living there.


  • Okavango Hybrid has 7-drivers on each side, and a 4-Ways integrated crossover tuned in-ear monitor.
  • Okavango has a more dynamic and balanced natural sound and offers a softer presentation of a mix. Beautiful upper-highs imaging, superior highs extension up to 30Khz, realistically presenting instruments like guitars and piano as well as breathing life into saturated mid-bass mixes.
  • Custom 9.5mm dual magnet Bio-cellular Diaphgram and bass-focused dynamic driver brings you a warm profound bass and dive deeper to 10hz.
  • Using the tuning switch and different ear-tips, Okavango allows the listener to further customize the sound based on the needs of the music


  • Hybrid 7-Drivers/ 4-Ways Integrated Crossover
  • Tuning Switch (1IEM 4Sounds: Bass+/Soundstge+/Vocal+/Balance)
  • Harman IEM Target Curve referred Tuning, Smooth Coherence from Bass to Treble, Well-detailed and Top-Clean Instrumental Definition
  • 10Hz-30KHz
  • Ergonomic Design, Small Ear friendly
  • New 3D Ear impression + Custom Artworks(Logo,Photo) + CNC processed faceplate + Tuning Switch Techs Supported

Tech Specifications

Drivers 1DD+6BAs
Tuning 4-Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive)
Freq Response 10Hzz-30Khz
Sensitivity 112db@1mW
 Impedance 20Ω±10%
Distortion 0.5%±0.1%
Noise Isolation -26db


1Year(IEM only)

What's in the Box

  • Okavango Custom In-ear Monitor
  • 4Strands SPOCC 3in1Modular cable(4.4mm/3.5mm/2.5mm Detachable)
  • Hisenior Carry Case
  • Clean Tool
  • Cable Clip
  • Switch Adjust Pin


Free Shipping

  • Default: Yanwen Standard (15-20Days)| E-packet (20-45Days) 
  • Faster: Yanwen VIP(10-15Days)| DHL-Fedex-EMS (9-12Days) Optional

Okavango CIEM + WhiteWhale 

  • Save 26$
  • Improve Okvango's Vocal/Instrumental Clarity, Definition/Highs Extension up to 20%
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    3D .STL Support




    1IEM/ 4Sounds


    Yanwen (10-20Days)

New Tech: 3D Ear Impression

  • STL 3D Scan File, Directly Made in Local with the Help from Audiologist
  • Faster: Lead time 2-4Weeks
  • Save Money: No Need Cost Expensive Freight to Ship the Physical Ear Impression

New Tech: Tuning Switch

  • 1 CIEM, 4 Variant Sounds
  • Balance/Bass+/Vocal+/Soundstage+ Switchable
  • Flexible and Easy Satisfy Musicians' (Drummer,Guitarist,Singer...) Stage Monitor Demands from 1x Hybrid IEM
  • Using the Switch, Okavango allows the User to Further Customize the Sound Based on the Needs of the Music
Design Yours Here

New Tech: Custom Artworks

  • Custom Logo and Custom Photo Designs are Available for Hisenior CIEMs Now
  • Personalized Designs Exclusive for You

95% Shell Faceplate are Free

  • Hisenior Audio has been committed to designing and making the most affordable professional in-ear monitors for you
  • Pure Color Resin/ Carbon Fiber/ Abalone/ Pearl/ Stablized Wood.... Available
  • My intereted design not listed, welcome contact us and share the design photos you like
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Okavango - These are excellent!!!

Review of the Hisenior Okavango IEMs. 1x9.5mm Bio-cellular DD + 6BA's and a 4 way crossover. I bought this with my own money and my opinions are my own.
I've had this set for a month now and burned them in. I used a FiiO M17 with local FLAC files and local Qobus high resolution files. The tuning switches were set to off and there was no EQ used. I always use Dunu Candy Large tips, as they seal perfectly in both ears across many platforms.
There have been very few reviews on this set or this company for that matter. They specialize in custom IEM's for musicians, but also make what they call Universal sets. I bought the set to compare against the Performer 8 and SA6 MKII. The price point was $300 for the IEM's and another $70 to upgrade to the White Whale cable.
I wouldn't be reviewing this set if I didn't truly enjoy listening to them and think they're great value for money.
Sound Quality:
Sub bass - they can rattle your teeth. I listened to VVS and the low frequency rumble could be felt.
Bass - has excellent slam. I'm a lover of Drums, as you can see from my library and this set delivers. Bass and kick drums did not disappoint. Beastie Boys, Curtis Mayfield, Funkedelic all sounded great
Mids - Male vocals are slightly recessed, but very clear. Some sibilance on a few tracks, but I put that down to the recording.
Upper Mids - Female vocals were more forward, balanced better. No sibilance detected
Timbre was excellent, as well as note weight. Rapid pops, clicks, rim shots etc. where very much like you were there, but not in your face.
I'd call this set balanced to slightly dark. Not fatiguing at all. I'm able to listen for hours with no problem
Treble and Upper Treble - are very detailed, but again not fatiguing
Sound Stage - is average, but when both tuning switches are turned on this expands greatly and the sound quality doesn't suffer for it
The fit is very good. The look great in the standard green and timber finish, but there are many custom shells available. Similar to the selections available on the MMKIII.
I rated this set better than the SA6MK2 and slightly better than the Performer8. My MMKIII is noticeably better and more immersive, but this set is not slouch and should be considered for libraries like mine below.
The Library Used:
Journey Faithfully
Curtis Mayfield Pusherman
David Bowie Wild is the Wind
Foreigner Double Vision
Rush Xanadu
The Who I AM The Sea
The Who Overture
Tool The Pot
Tool Chocolate Chip Trip
ZZ Top La Grange
Bob Marley Turn Your Lights Down Low
Sisters of Mercy Something Fast
Kamaiyah VVS
ELO Mr. Blue Sky
Funkadelic Back in our Minds
Ohio Players Fire
Fergie London Bridge
Adam & the Ants Antmusic
Peter Gabriel Shock the Monkey
Peter Gabriel Mercy Street
Peter Gabriel Games Without Frontiers
Chicago Moving In
Chicago Ballet for the Girl in Buchannon: Moving In
Rod Stewart Tonight's the Night
Beastie Boys Slow Ride
U2 Promenade
Sade Maureen
Smithereens In a Lonely Place
Radiohead Paranoid Android
Duran Duran The Chauffeur
Eagles Hotel California

More in depth review

I recently reviewed this iel but I did not have toke to go into detail . The sod stage is amazing simply can’t put it any better . The kids are very present but the bass has also a very huge presence. The switches optimize the experience to tweak and fine tune to whatever your preferences are , once again the clarity is what makes me love these so much . For the fit , they are cusp dm and they nailed the 3D fit and they absolutely are amazing especially for livr stage with my band . The company was there for me throughout the whole time and took the time to make sure that I as a musician was taken care of. Customer service unlike any other. If you are looking for a custom IEM that bring punch and clarity with sound staging that is to die for , do not hesitate to acquire these . Gareth was so professional to deal with and is tjrrr for you every step of the way . Also I highly recommend using the white whale cable . It enhances the sound drastically . Very satisfied and I wish I’d have been in touch sooner

Sound excellence and excellent custom er service

You can be be sure to be propelled into orbit with the Okavango IEMS . I received my customs and I have not taken them out since . You will not be disappointed. They’re customer service is beyond amazing and their products and excellence speaks for itself. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS IEM OF HARMONY

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