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Mega5-EST 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (Universal)

Mega5-EST 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (Universal)

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Mega5EST 7th Anniversary Edition (New Arrival)


  • Tribrid 5-Drivers (1DD+2BA+2EST) our 1st Tribrid In-ear Monitor with 2*Electrostatic Super Tweeter 
  • custom 10mm Bio-cellular Diaphragm Dynamic Driver (superior airy and dynamic lows, THD <0.5%)
  • 2Est Super Tweeter in (up to 80Khz S-highs Extension)
  • Harman IEM Target Curve referred Tuning, Smooth Coherence from Bass to Treble, Well-detailed and Top-Clean Instrumental Definition

What's New: (New Smaller shell/New Sound Nozzle/ New Inner Drivers-configuration/New Air Vent/ New Tuning Sound (Harman IEM target curve + Hisenior Exclusive Smooth Coherence from bass-treble))

Sound Tuning
4Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive)/ 1low+2mid-highs+2s-highs

Tech Specifications
Drivers                             1DD+2BAs+2Est(sonion)  
Configuration                  1Low +2Mid-highs+2S-highs
Tuning                             4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers
Freq Response                10Hz-50Khz
Sensitivity                        110dB/mW
Impedance                       25Ω
Isolation                           -20db
Cable                                WhiteWhale Premium Cable
Warranty                           1Year (IEM only)

What's in the Box

Mega5EST Tribrid In-ear Monitor
WhiteWhale Premium Cable
Pelican protective case(waterproof/crushproof)
Eartips(6x Pairs Silicone + 2x Pairs Foam)
Clean wiper 
Cable Clip
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Mega5Est In Ears
Ergonomic new shell with Optimized and Custom Metal Nozzle, fit stably in our ears and provide -20db Passive noise isolation
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Mega5EST Tribrid In-ear Monitor


5-Drivers (1DD+2BA+2EST)

2xElectrostatic Super Tweeter in (up 80Khz extension)

Hisenior custom 10mm Bio-cellular Diaphgram Bass-focused and Warm Dynamic Driver

Harman IEM Target Referred and Hisenior Smooth Coherence Tuing from Bass to Treble, Warm Natural Bass, Well-definited and Top Clean Instrumental Sound

Ergonomic new shell (excellent -20db noise isolation)

Whitewhale 290Cores UPOCC(SilverPlated) Premium Cable


Drivers: 1DD+2BAs+2Est(sonion)  

Configuration: 1Low +2Mid-highs+2S-Highs

Tuning: 4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers

Freq Response: 10Hz-50Khz

Sensitivity: 110dB/mW

Impedance: 25Ω

Noise Isolation: -20db

What's in the Box

Mega5Est Tribrid In-ear Monitor

WhiteWhale Premium Cable

1010AGen2 Protect Case(Waterproof)

6Pairs Silicone Eartips

2Pairs Foam Eartips

Cable Clip

Clean Cloth


1-Years (IEM Only)

7th Anniversary New Arrival

Mega5Est Tribrid In-ear Monitor

WhiteWhale Premium Cable

1010AGen2 Protect Case(Waterproof)

6Pairs Silicone Eartips

2Pairs Foam Eartips

Hisenior Brand Sticker

Cable Clip

Clean Cloth

New Shell and Faceplate Design

Electrostatic Super Tweeter

Dual Electret Technology with Transformer

S-Highs Freq Extend Up to 80Khz

Passive Driver by Included Miniature Transformer

Super tweeter from 7KHz and Upwards


WhiteWhale Premium Cable

Premium UP-OCC (Silver-Plated)

290Cores Coaxially Shielded

2Strands 24AWG

Ultra-soft PVC Insulation

Gold-plated 0.78mm 2Pins Connector

4.4mm Balanced Gold-plated Brass Plug

Anodized Aluminum Alloy Plug Case, Splitter, Slider

1.2M White Color

Coaxial Multi-layers Litz Structure and High-Density Shielding Design

Mega5Est New Ergonomic Smaller Shell

Adjusted Nozzle, Leaned Cymba and Narrower Tragus for Tighter Ear-fitting.

New Smaller Shell, better fitting for small ears

(Mega5est vs Mega5p)

Custom Design your Mega5EST In-ear Monitor

Custom Mega5est in your interested Shell&Faceplate

Left/Right different design supported

Design Now

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Sound 素晴らしいサウンドです。

Despite the variety of drivers, Mega5 EST is a very balanced sound. I think the crossover of each drivers is properly designed.
It is very light weight and comfortable feeling to wear.
The sensitivity is a little bit low and the volume has to be turned up, but a normal music player can cover it.

Mega5 ESTは多種・多ドライバーであるにもかかわらず、クロスオーバーがしっかり作りこまれており、非常にバランスの取れたイヤホンです。

Great IEM.

MEGA5EST is a very attractive IEM with a wide sound field, sound separation, delicate high range, and deep sinking low range.
This IEM uses three types of drivers, but the sound connection is very natural.
It is suitable for long-term listening because there is no high-pitched sound.
The WhiteWhale cable, which is only included in the 7th Anniversary Limited Edition, is very light and easy to handle.
Thank you very much for the great earphones!

Very good IEM.

I really like the Mega 5P EST.
It has an overall warm presentation with strong Sub Bass presence, slightly elevated and forward mids, and very good clarity and extension in the treble region.

The sound quality is satisfactory for the price

Good sound separation.
Clearly audible from high to low tones.
The sound field is wide.
The modeling is beautiful and highly satisfactory.

Well balanced IEM

This IEM is characterized by bouncy bass and crystal clear treble.
It is easy to match with various songs and is highly recommended.

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