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Mega5-EST 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (Universal)

Mega5-EST 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (Universal)

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Mega5EST 7th Anniversary Edition (New Arrival)


  • Tribrid 5-Drivers (1DD+2BA+2EST) our 1st Tribrid In-ear Monitor with 2*Electrostatic Super Tweeter 
  • custom 10mm Bio-cellular Diaphragm Dynamic Driver (superior airy and dynamic lows, THD <0.5%)
  • 2Est Super Tweeter in (up to 80Khz S-highs Extension)
  • Harman IEM Target Curve referred Tuning, Smooth Coherence from Bass to Treble, Well-detailed and Top-Clean Instrumental Definition

What's New: (New Smaller shell/New Sound Nozzle/ New Inner Drivers-configuration/New Air Vent/ New Tuning Sound (Harman IEM target curve + Hisenior Exclusive Smooth Coherence from bass-treble))

Sound Tuning
4Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive)/ 1low+2mid-highs+2s-highs

Tech Specifications
Drivers                             1DD+2BAs+2Est(sonion)  
Configuration                  1Low +2Mid-highs+2S-highs
Tuning                             4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers
Freq Response                10Hz-50Khz
Sensitivity                        105dB/mW
Impedance                       25Ω
Isolation                           -20db
Cable                                WhiteWhale Premium Cable
Warranty                           1Year (IEM only)

What's in the Box

Mega5EST Tribrid In-ear Monitor
WhiteWhale Premium Cable
Pelican protective case(waterproof/crushproof)
Eartips(6x Pairs Silicone + 2x Pairs Foam)
Clean wiper 
Cable Clip
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Mega5Est In Ears
Ergonomic new shell with Optimized and Custom Metal Nozzle, fit stably in our ears and provide -20db Passive noise isolation
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Mega5EST Tribrid In-ear Monitor


5-Drivers (1DD+2BA+2EST)

2xElectrostatic Super Tweeter in (up 80Khz extension)

Hisenior custom 10mm Bio-cellular Diaphgram Bass-focused and Warm Dynamic Driver

Harman IEM Target Referred and Hisenior Smooth Coherence Tuing from Bass to Treble, Warm Natural Bass, Well-definited and Top Clean Instrumental Sound

Ergonomic new shell (excellent -20db noise isolation)

Whitewhale 290Cores UPOCC(SilverPlated) Premium Cable


Drivers: 1DD+2BAs+2Est(sonion)  

Configuration: 1Low +2Mid-highs+2S-Highs

Tuning: 4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers

Freq Response: 10Hz-50Khz

Sensitivity: 105dB/mW

Impedance: 25Ω

Noise Isolation: -20db

What's in the Box

Mega5Est Tribrid In-ear Monitor

WhiteWhale Premium Cable

1010AGen2 Protect Case(Waterproof)

6Pairs Silicone Eartips

2Pairs Foam Eartips

Cable Clip

Clean Cloth


1-Years (IEM Only)

Electrostatic Super Tweeter

Dual Electret Technology with Transformer

S-Highs Freq Extend Up to 80Khz

Passive Driver by Included Miniature Transformer

Super tweeter from 7KHz and Upwards


WhiteWhale Premium Cable

Premium UP-OCC (Silver-Plated)

290Cores Coaxially Shielded

2Strands 24AWG

Ultra-soft PVC Insulation

Gold-plated 0.78mm 2Pins Connector

4.4mm Balanced Gold-plated Brass Plug

Anodized Aluminum Alloy Plug Case, Splitter, Slider

1.2M White Color

Coaxial Multi-layers Litz Structure and High-Density Shielding Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Leonard A
Hisenior Mega5EST 7th Anniversary Edition

Hisenior Mega5EST 7th Anniversary Edition

The Mega5EST is perhaps one of the best value IEMs for the one who wants a natural sounding tribrid.

In short the Hisenior Mega5EST is a very natural sounding IEM, that keeps itself from being either boring or fatiguing. More or less a jack of all trades, that does everything very correctly without being master of anything. Also means that it excels at most music you throw at it, perfect for putting your music library on random and enjoy.

It's clearly the best IEM I have used from Hisenior, and excels in coherency thanks to good drivers and tuning. Mega5EST has the right amount of warmth and brightness to make it musical and enjoyable for me.

Solid 5 star for the money.

Pros: Tuned neutral warm
Tonality that suit most music
Excellent clarity throughout
Elastic and deep bass quality
Natural and clean midrange
Natural highs without being too forward
Not sharp or piercing
Natural amount of air and treble
Good price for a tribrid
Elegant blue design
Ergonomic shell with metal nozzle
Good build Quality
Good accessories, specially the White Whale cable
Purchasable as CIEM or just Custom designed Universal

Cons: Slightly large nozzle
Hard Case is not very practical for day to day use
Jack of all trades, master of none
Some would probably like more high range
Same that some would want more bass

Yevgeniy Zhurenko

Great headphones! Musical ones don't tire you. Wide stage! Excellent instrument separation. Universal to music genres. For my taste, the mid-range is a little lacking, but that varies from person to person. The included attachments didn’t fit, but that’s not a problem; I found suitable ones at home. Very comfortable! The included cable is flexible enough and does not tangle.

Yevgeniy Zhurenko

Good afternoon Unfortunately, I can't leave a review yet since I haven't received the headphones yet. I have something to compare with and I will definitely leave my review as soon as I test them. In my arsenal now Hifiman edition XS. Audeze LCD-XC. Shanling M8

Tim Takala
Full Review and Love the Mega5EST

My week with the Hisenior Mega5EST 7th Anniversary Edition. I LOVE THIS IEM!
Disclaimer: I bought these IEM’s with my own money. I’m not being incentivised to write this review and my thoughts are my own
Why this set? I bought the Hisenior Okavango 2 months ago and thought they were great value for money. There’s a review on these as well. Hisenior, being a smaller company, dedicated to making custom IEM’s for musicians, seemed a no brainer to try the next step up in the series.
1DD+2BAs+2Est (same as the Thieaudio Oracle MKII)
Configuration: 1Low + 2Mid-highs + 2S-highs
Tuning: 4 Ways/ Triple Bores/ 3 Dampers
Freq Response:10Hz-50Khz
Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
Impedance: 38Ω
Isolation: -20db

I bought this during the black Friday sale on Aliexpress from Angelears. 2 weeks later the set arrived
What’s in the Box: Hisenior use pelican like cases, see the photo. This set also comes with their highest quality cable, the White Whale. The cable is premium quality, silky smooth, lays flat and has premium hardware, with a 4.4mm plug. There are 4 sets of tips, but I put these aside and used both the Dunu Candy L and Divinus Velvet ML (more on that later).
DAP – Fiio M17, with FLAC Lossless Library, running through Poweramp
I normally Parametric EQ everything to the 5128 10dB target and bump up the bass 30%. I have the MMKIII, SA6 MKII, Performer8, Okavango, Heyday, Galileo, Phoenix Call, Hexa, Fudu etc. and I EQ them all.
I DID NOT EQ the Mega5EST. I tried, but quickly realised it didn’t improve the sound. I was Shocked! This set is as close to perfect, for my library and hearing preference, as I’ve every heard and it’s ½ the price of the Monarch MKIII. Punches way above its weight class!
Frequency Graph: There are only 2 measures on squiglink and they both look slightly different in the upper treble. What they both show is a signature that mirrors the Oracle at lower frequencies, transitions into the lower mids smoothly and has more extension in the upper mids, before rising, than most any other set I’ve listened to. This slightly later rise was a concern when I bought the set, but the graphs need a grain of salt. The treble and upper treble regions have modest energy and I know this set wouldn’t be too spicy.
Sub Bass: This set will rattle your teeth, handling rap and hip-hop with ease RATE: 8
Bass: The DD in this set does its job and does it well! Lots of slam and punch, but the bass doesn’t bleed into the lower mids at all. Best balanced transition of any set I’ve heard. RATE: 8
Lower Mids: Male vocals are clear and easily distinguishable during busy tracks, without being forward. Rate:9
Upper Mids: Female vocals are slightly recessed, but I like this. I find when the female vocals are slightly recessed the set is less fatiguing. Zero sibilance. Again best I’ve heard RATE:9
Treble Region: Balanced and detailed. The EST’s they’ve used are top quality. RATE: 8
I originally use the Dunu Candy L tips (love them), but the bore is narrow and added more bass to something that just didn’t need it. I swapped to the Divinus Velvet ML Tips, which match the nozzle diameter, and the sound balance was perfect and gave slightly more air.
Sibilance, Note weight, Slam, tonality, detail, balance, all Excellent. They are a bit hard to drive at 38 Ω.
At $500, with the White Whale Cable, this set is a bargain and rivals other “End Game” sets. I ranked the MMKIII as the best set of 2023, but this set without EQ is better. I enjoy the MMKIII equally, but only after EQ. 42/50 sound ranking. 4.5 Stars… S class.

Library: This was a full week of listening, so I’m going by artist only.
Peter Gabriel
Chris Cornell
Rod Stewart
Beastie Boys
Smashing Pumpkins
Duran Duran
David Bowie
The Cure
Depeche Mode
The Doors

Tam Tran
Great tonality

Wonderful IEM. Great value for the frequency response. It leads to natural and easy listening of all music.

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