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Mega5-EST 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (Universal)

Mega5-EST 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (Universal)

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Mega5EST 7th Anniversary Edition (New Arrival)


  • Tribrid 5-Drivers (1DD+2BA+2EST) our 1st Tribrid In-ear Monitor with 2*Electrostatic Super Tweeter 
  • custom 10mm Bio-cellular Diaphragm Dynamic Driver (superior airy and dynamic lows, THD <0.5%)
  • 2Est Super Tweeter in (up to 80Khz S-highs Extension)
  • Harman IEM Target Curve referred Tuning, Smooth Coherence from Bass to Treble, Well-detailed and Top-Clean Instrumental Definition

What's New: (New Smaller shell/New Sound Nozzle/ New Inner Drivers-configuration/New Air Vent/ New Tuning Sound (Harman IEM target curve + Hisenior Exclusive Smooth Coherence from bass-treble))

Sound Tuning
4Ways Integrated Crossover(Passive)/ 1low+2mid-highs+2s-highs

Tech Specifications
Drivers                             1DD+2BAs+2Est(sonion)  
Configuration                  1Low +2Mid-highs+2S-highs
Tuning                             4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers
Freq Response                10Hz-50Khz
Sensitivity                        105dB/mW
Impedance                       25Ω
Isolation                           -20db
Cable                                WhiteWhale Premium Cable
Warranty                           1Year (IEM only)

What's in the Box

Mega5EST Tribrid In-ear Monitor
WhiteWhale Premium Cable
Pelican protective case(waterproof/crushproof)
Eartips(6x Pairs Silicone + 2x Pairs Foam)
Clean wiper 
Cable Clip
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Mega5Est In Ears
Ergonomic new shell with Optimized and Custom Metal Nozzle, fit stably in our ears and provide -20db Passive noise isolation
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Mega5EST Tribrid In-ear Monitor


5-Drivers (1DD+2BA+2EST)

2xElectrostatic Super Tweeter in (up 80Khz extension)

Hisenior custom 10mm Bio-cellular Diaphgram Bass-focused and Warm Dynamic Driver

Harman IEM Target Referred and Hisenior Smooth Coherence Tuing from Bass to Treble, Warm Natural Bass, Well-definited and Top Clean Instrumental Sound

Ergonomic new shell (excellent -20db noise isolation)

Whitewhale 290Cores UPOCC(SilverPlated) Premium Cable


Drivers: 1DD+2BAs+2Est(sonion)  

Configuration: 1Low +2Mid-highs+2S-Highs

Tuning: 4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers

Freq Response: 10Hz-50Khz

Sensitivity: 105dB/mW

Impedance: 25Ω

Noise Isolation: -20db

What's in the Box

Mega5Est Tribrid In-ear Monitor

WhiteWhale Premium Cable

1010AGen2 Protect Case(Waterproof)

6Pairs Silicone Eartips

2Pairs Foam Eartips

Cable Clip

Clean Cloth


1-Years (IEM Only)

Electrostatic Super Tweeter

Dual Electret Technology with Transformer

S-Highs Freq Extend Up to 80Khz

Passive Driver by Included Miniature Transformer

Super tweeter from 7KHz and Upwards


WhiteWhale Premium Cable

Premium UP-OCC (Silver-Plated)

290Cores Coaxially Shielded

2Strands 24AWG

Ultra-soft PVC Insulation

Gold-plated 0.78mm 2Pins Connector

4.4mm Balanced Gold-plated Brass Plug

Anodized Aluminum Alloy Plug Case, Splitter, Slider

1.2M White Color

Coaxial Multi-layers Litz Structure and High-Density Shielding Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
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Noah L
Inoffensive sound signature; it sounds "right."

I was looking for an upgrade to my See Audio x Crinacle Yume Midgnight for a while. I desired a more "correct sounding" midrange and more realistic tonality to my ears. I liked Midnight's extra fun low end, and it's sparkly highs (when they weren't edging on sibilance). So, I gave another Crin collab a shot - the dsp dependent DUSK. I could never get past the upper frequencies on this set, they sounded very unnatural and were extremely distracting from my listening experience. The DSP noise artifacts also made me desire an analog cable once again. While I was regretting this purchase and considering seeking a refund, a particular glowing YouTube review of the Mega 5EST starting to circulate, so I figured I'd take a shot. More $ than I was originally hoping to spend... but hey. That's the audiophile hobby in a nutshell, for marginal gains, right?

CONS: Nothing crazy special in the 5EST. Micro details don't sound veiled, but they are not presented in any unique way. Same for staging, the universal IEM narrowness persists with these, except on tracks that are recorded and mixed to boggle your brain. Unlike some other high end audio, that blows your listening experienece away - like driving in a Rolls Royce - the 5EST is just reliable for all genres - like a new Honda. Built well, but simple user experience.

PROS: It is 80% of the audio joy I found in with the Focal Clear - which has my heart for best heaphone tonality. Within the small colorations here and there, nothing detracts from the music - hooray! When music is recorded, mixed, and mastered well, it sounds absolutely delightful. Sometimes the imaging surprises me and brings a smile to my face when I least expect it. Regarding comfort and accessories - also nice. The included case and cable are wonderful. Once I get a portable balanced setup going, I'll be using the white whale all the time.

TLDR - Honestly, not really worth $500. But the competition is slacking for good tuning, and if that is what you are mostly after in a listening experience, these will not dissapoint. Hisenior has good communication with it's buyers - reach out on IG to ask questions. May be broken English, but still more decipherable than the tuning decisions behind DUSK. ;)

Hi Noah,
sincerely thanks for your review and feedback, apologize that our broken English may brought you some inconvienet shopping experience.

About your sound analysis and your concerns, our replies below for your reference:
1. We believe the sound is a very subjective thing and no one IEM can satisfy all needs from all audiphiles, musicians.
Mega5EST basically tuned to pursue a balanced sound over through low-mids-vocal, not sharp, not too bright or shining, just like a mature man. But for some fans who have special expectations in a SPECIFIC FREQ RANGE, the Mega5EST maybe imperfect.
Solution: Except the default tuning of Mega5EST, Hisenior provide 1to1 custom tuning services for fans(More bass, highlight Treble...), which can better take care of our fans' the special needs in Sub-bass/treble/vocal etc.
2. We respect every ideas or reviews from buyers, fans, reviewers, no matter its positive or negative and for negative feedbacks, our team will collect those feedbacks and upgrade or solve it in new tuning or new IEMs. Therefore, welcome share us your ideas and please feel free to contact HISENIOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER: for official helps.
3. Different eartips or cable may present you a different sound
this review and suggest by Mr Eric may bring you some idea:

Hisenior Audio has been committed to designing and making professional custom and universal fitting in-ear monitors for musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles since 2016. We hope to inspire our fans to a stronger music connection, a more excellent stage performance, and better-treasured hearing protection through our affordable and professional In-ear monitors.
Welcome you to find more of our new techs and services.
We are also expanding the local services for our fans through cooperation with authorized dealers, so we hope in the future, our fans can test the IEMs in local before they buy, better make sure the sound is the type they like.

Jakub Knapik
Amazing potential but not perfect

The IEM is really nice looking, I use Sony DAP to juice it. I would love it as the signature is really balanced and great, but nosal is far too wide for my ears and the fit became a massive issue. My daily IEM's are Sony Z5's and IE300 from Sennheiser and those seem fit my ears better. SO please don't treat that criticism as an objective one, it's just me. Otherwise I thinks those are great, mids could be a hair more punchy for some , but I like them the way they are.

Hi Jakub
sincerely thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear the big nozzle brought you some uncomfortable ear-fitting experience.
Our ear shapes(big small, narrow wide) are different each other, so no one IEM can fit all perfectly.

Maybe in the future, you may consider a Custom-Fit DEISGN that molded and made by your ear shapes
that will provide the best ear-fitting and noise-isolation.

Please welcome to contact HISENIOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER: for official helps
we'll be there always.


Very good iem the sound is great , very nice build quality would definitely recommend

sincerely thanks for your feedback and glad to know you like the MEGA5EST sound
please welcome to message us or email to Hisenior Customer Support Center: for official support

Tripp Warsnipp
Great product

These in ear monitors are great only criticism I could think of is the 2 pin connection should be recessed slightly my cable tends to slightly pop out other than that great build quality and sound

sincerely thanks for your feedback, about the 2pins connection issue, we will translate and share to Hisenior Tech Team for future upgrading or improvement.
please welcome to message us or email to Hisenior Customer Support Center: for official support

Paul Pirongs
My Hiseniors are still in Charles De Gaulle ............

Unfortunately the iems have zig zagged between China, South Korea, China. Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, and spent 3 days at Paris airport, so I have not listened to them yet! Here's hoping that Fed Ex gets them to me soon. I've given them a provisional 3 star rating because who knows what I will think of them.

Hi Paul,
sincerely thanks for your feedback, we checked the Fedex shipping and yes we found the package was tranferred in different countries.
We checked with the Fedex shipping agent and confirmed that the shipping is variant for different countries. We will optimize the Fedex shipping in the future.

For official shipping, tracking and products support, please welcome email HISENIOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER:

I Have Questions|Email us