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Fe8 8-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Universal)

Fe8 8-Drivers In-ear Monitor (Universal)

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Fe8 Universal Features

8-Drivers (6xSonion+2xKnowles Pro)
detailed highs, smooth mids, warm and well-defined bass)
superior soundstage
ergonomic design fit for small ears too

Sound Tuning
4Ways system/ 2Sub-bass+2low-mids+ 2highs+ 2S-highs

What's In the Box
Fe8 in-ear monitor
8core silver-plated occ cable
Eartips (6xPairs(Silicone) + 2Pairs(Foam))
Pelican protective case
Clean Accessories (Brush/Wiper)

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Fe8 UIEM for Ultimate Sound


8-Balanced Armature Drivers(6Sonion + 2Knowles)

Natrual, Punchy and Warm Bass by Sonion 38D1XJ

4Ways Crossover

Balanced Bass-Vocal-Treble with Detailed Highs, Smooth
Mids, High Clarity and Warm Well Defined Bass


Drivers: 8BAs (6*Sonion + 2*Knowles) 

Configuration:2Sub-bass+2Low-mids+ 2Highs+ 2S-highs

Tuning:4Ways/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers, Balanced Bass-Vocal-Treble

Freq Response:15Hz-22Khz



Noise Isolation:-20db

What's in the Box

Fe8 Universal In-ear Monitor

8Core Silver-plated OCC Upgrade Cable (2Pins 0.78mm)

Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof&Crushproof)

Sound Nozzle Clean Tool

Clean Fiber Wiper


2-Years (IEM Only)

Fe8 UIEM New Ergonomic New Design

Adjusted Nozzle, Leaned Cymba and Narrower Tragus for Tighter Ear-fitting

8Core Upgrade CableSilver-plated 6N-OCC Upgrade Cable

1.2M (47")

Customer Reviews

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Neutral sound
Wide soundstage and depth
Great imaging
Huge dynamic from soft to loud!
Extremely energetic and engaging. Sounded like as if you were listening with a headphone.
No sibilance for my classical music and anime music
Performed way above the price!

May be too energetic if your source is too forward or brighter sounding.

Treble: Smooth and velvet, great detail retrieval and extension
Midrange: Smooth, warm, sweet and good detailed retrieval
Bass: Warm and punchy bass, great depth and extension

I personally own MEGA 5P and T2 Classics. Both are great iems. Hisenior has created many wonderful iems. I could feel their passion and commitment through listening to their iems. Gareth had recommended me FE8 based on my description and likes. All thanks to him, I got FE8 and even till now, after months of listening, this is still my favourite iem that seriously sound like listening to a headphone. Also, I would like to thank Daniel, Oardio of Singapore, to bring in this amazing iem for me. I would strongly recommend for classical and anime listeners to give a try on this wonderful iem. People who love symphonies of Mahler, Bruckner, Beethoven, Sibelius will definitely love this iem because it is so versatile till you could not find any fault or discomfort at all. Well done! Hisenior!

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