Hisenior T2U Review- Nicholas Zaza/Audio-Monkeys-2020.7.22

Hisenior T2U Review- Nicholas Zaza/Audio-Monkeys-2020.7.22

Some time ago I got in touch with Hisenior and expressed my curiosity in trying some of their products. Gareth, from Hisenior, responded by agreeing to let me review a pair of their IEMs, and sent me a pair of Hisenior T2U in order to write a review.
Let’s see what they are.

Disclaimer: The Hisenior T2U were sent to me free of charge by Hisenior for a honest review.  At the time of the review, the T2Us were sold at a discounted price of $79.00 on the official Hisenior website, and at the same price you can also buy the custom version of the T2. 

Technical Specs

  • Drivers: 2 BA 
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW 
  • Impedance: 18 Ohm 
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz 
  • Cable: 1,2m, detachable with MMCX connectors 
  • Connector type: gold-plated 3.5mm straight jack 


They arrive inside a carrying case with the Hisenior logo, inside an external packaging. The case contains: 

  • The Hisenior T2U 
  • 9 pairs of tips (including two pairs of foam tips) 
  • A small cloth for cleaning 
  • Instructions 


Great cable that sports a chin slider with no microphonics effect, and MMCX connectors are probably the most solid that I have tried so far among all the MMCX seen in the past. In addition, although the cable ends with a gold-plated 3.5mm connector, the set includes a 2.2mm adapter. 

Build Quality

The T2U are built of transparent resin, being very light but at the same time solid to the touch. The two balanced armatures can be seen through the shell and the faceplate shows hisenior’s silver logo on a black background. The nozzle has the usual grill to prevent dust, earwax and anything else from entering, and although there is no obvious and well-defined nozzle lip, the final part of the nozzle has slightly thicker edges that help not to let the tip popping off.

Comfort and Isolation

Comfortable, light, not tiring to keep in your ears. Hisenior, if you want, also makes the custom version of the T2U, if you are interested in a version made especially for your ears. Passive insulation is excellent, especially with foam tips (which I use daily with these IEMs).


Let’s get to the point. I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, from dubstep to future bass, to more sought-after genres. I also love listening to vocal tracks (e.g. Sia and other female voices especially) and sometimes Rock. I always look for products with emphasis in the low range, and I’m willing to sacrifice a pinch of midrange as long as the earphones sounds natural. I like vivid earphones with a bright high range (as long as they’re not annoying). The soundstage must be spacious or at least average and I have to feel air and spatiality in the tracks. 

The V-shaped signature is my favorite one, although in the latter period I prefer the U-shape or Y-shape, which feel a little softer. The tests were done withç

  • Huawei Nova 5T 
  • Presonus AudioBOX iONE, connected to my PC without enhancements 
  • AGPTEK M30B (Benjie S8) 

I also use my Fiio A3 if the headphones need a little more power. 

Lowsthe sub-bass is there, but has an obvious roll-off. I don’t feel a real rumble, so I think the low range is definitely not suitable for genres which are mainly based on low frequencies. The bass have a good speed, the don’t bleed and always remain controlled even if they cannot manage being enough incisive on some genres, as already said talking about the sub-bass. Surely it is a light low range, typical of mid-centric signature, which leaves the low frequencies a few steps behind the mid-range. 

Midsit’s the star of the shows during the listening sessions with the T2U, significantly more prominent than the low range and with a warm timbre. Male voices, which are excellently reproduced, are never annoying or tonally inconsistent. What disappoints a little, unfortunately, is the instrumental separation, on which I personally had higher expectations. The more complex tracks are sometimes a little too centered and the instruments are not well divided when more instruments start playing at the same time. Their reproduction of them is timbrically commendable, but on a technical level more can be done.

Highs: less boosted than the mid-range, but at a higher volume compared to the low range. The detail is there, but again I expected something more technicality. However, I was quite amazed by the good tuning, which makes them pleasant even if you are sensitive to the highs thanks to a clear roll-off on the far right of the spectrum, which gives T2U a closed, intimate and non-fatiguing sound.

The soundstage is medium-small in size, without infamy and without praise. Imaging is largely a L/R pinpointing, definitely as improveable as instrumental separation. 

Surely, in this case, the fact that there are “only” 2 drivers penalizes a little the technical capabilities of the T2U, but it is a product that does not necessarily want to propose itself as the first choice from a technical point of view considering that the real strength is the warm, consistent timbre and the mid-centric signature that makes them perfect for vocals. They are easy to drive in terms of volume, and from more “mainstream” sources they can also be slightly more lit in the low range, but I’ve noticed that they do their best when connected to a good DAC or a good sound card. I do not advise using them to listen to mp3 tracks from smartphones as I have not found them very pleasant.

Some comparisons:
Hisenior T2U vs Blon BL-05
The BL-05 are  bassier  and brighter, with better resolution, imaging and separation, and a  larger soundstage.  In any case, the signature is different, as the T2Us are  mid-centric  while the BL-05 are not. Vocals sound better on the T2U as the BL-05 reproduce vocals well but makes them sometimes artificial.   
The BL-05 are also  more  fatiguing sound-wise, with an upper-midrange that often sounds harsh. The T2U are  more comfortable and provide a better isolation. The T2U cable is significantly superior than that of the BL-05.

Hisenior T2U vs Hifiman RE600S v2
The RE600S v2 are technically superior, but also less fun. The T2U are slightly more engaging, with a truly spectacular rendering of vocals, also compared to the RE600S v2 that already proved to be a good product for vocal tracks. The low range is the Achille’s heel of both, being a little too light and not suitable for some musical genres. Speaking about imaging and soundstage, the RE600S v2 are superior, with better instrument separation and better pinpointing, but T2U tuning seems designed with greater care and attention to timbre. Of course, T2U win both when it comes to cable and passive insulation, while for obvious reasons RE600S v2 are more comfortable to use and carry given their bullet form factor and their small size.

Final Thoughts

Le Hisenior T2U non sono un prodotto super tecnico, e non hanno la pretesa di esserlo, ma offrono delle performance stupefacenti sui cantati ed un timbro caldo, ingredienti che le rendono un acquisto piuttosto consigliato soprattutto se ascoltate molti brani cantati e se siete sensibili alle medio-alte ed alte frequenze. D’altra parte, risulta invece difficile consigliarle a chi ascolta Hip-Hop, musica elettronica, Rock e simili, dato il roll-off in gamma bassa che le rende piuttosto noiosette per questi generi.
Per concludere, si tratta di un buon prodotto, che sicuramente risulta situazionale ma che al contempo è rivolto ad un target ben preciso che sicuramente è capace di apprezzarne suono e caratteristiche.  


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