Fe6 6-Drivers IEM (Custom)

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Fe6 Custom Features
6-Drivers (Sonion pro)
38Dxxx in(one of SONION BEST Bass Driver)
          Design for BASSIST/DRUMMER
Superior Soundstage, Sub-bass, Lows
Premium Acoustic Isolation Rejects Noise in Any Environment
Custom, Personalized fit Stays Secure and Comfortable

Sound Tuning
3Ways system/ 2Sub-bass+2low-mids+ 2highs+ 2S-highs

Local audition available in Japan/Singapore 


Drivers                             6-Drivers (SONION BAs)  
Configuration                  2Sub-lows+2Low-mids+ 2Mid-highs
Tuning                             3Way/ Dual-Bores/2Dampers
Freq Response                15Hz-22Khz
Sensitivity                        112dB/mW
Impedance                       27Ω
Isolation                           -26db
Cable                                0.78mm 2pins OCC cable(1.2M/47") 
Warranty                           2Years (IEM only)

  What's In the Box
Fe6 custom in-ear monitor
8core silver-plated occ cable
pelican protective case
clean Brush 
clean fiber wiper


2years-warranty 30days-perfect-fit easy-fitting-at-home free-shipping handmade
2-Years Warranty 30-Days Perfect Fit  Easy-fitting at home Free Shipping Handmade

4Steps to Design your CIEM
1. Decide which #CIEM to buy
2. Select shell/faceplate/connector 
3. Tell us your sound tuning expectation
4. DM/Email us above(1-3steps) and Place your order

I Have Questions, Need Support
1. DM us(FB/IG/Twitter) for a faster reply
2. Contact us by email:


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Free Shipping
Default: DHL/FEDEX/EMS (7-10Days)
Optional: CHINA POST REGISTERED AIRMAIL/ E-packet (20-45Days)
Find What FREE SHIPPING supported to your address here

Universal Fe6 is Available
Ergonomic New Mold/ Fit for most Ears/ Cheaper/Faster Shipping (3-5Days)



1.  Q: What drivers Fe6 Custom In-Ear Monitor powered by?
     6-Drivers (Sonion pro) (38xx+33xx+23xx) on each side for superior soundstage, sub-bass and lows.
2. Q: Sound tuning features?
    3-way, dual bores, dual Knowles dampers system, tuning for BASSIST/DRUMMER
3. Q: Why Singa is for Drummer/Bassist?
powered by one of SONIONS' best ultimate bass driver(38xx), which present a powerful and warm bass with a super soundstage. 

 4. Q: What's processes to buy Hisenior Custom in-ear monitor?
select model/ confirm shell faceplate/ tell your sound expectation/ contact us   
5.  Q: How long it will take to handcraft the CUSTOM IN-EAR MONITOR?
     4-5weeks standard
         (note: it may require 1more week in a busy period, which depends on the labs' demands, you may DM/e-mail us to get the latest update for your order)
6.  Q: About 1to1 sound tuning service?
     we believe every musician, audiophile, and hi-fi enthusiast has the right to get the sound based on his/her favor (powerful bass/forward clean vocal/clear instrumental treble..etc)
         it's hard to satisfy all clients' sound favors from one kind of tuning, therefore, we HiseniorAudio present you 1to1 tuning service and can adjust the sound types(bass/vocal/keys/mix, etc adjust) based on your personalized sound favors.
         please contact us and get the suggestion for the best matching in-ear monitor and the professional tuning.
7.  Q: Warranty
     2-Years (In-ear monitor only) 
         30-days perfect-fit guarantee (for custom in-ear monitor only)
8. Q: About free shipping
    E-packet/ China Post Registered Airmail(20-45DAYS)
DHL/EMS/FEDEX (7-10days)