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Mega5P 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (New Arrival)

Mega5P 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (New Arrival)

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The Story of Mega5P

  • For Years, we can’t resist the pros of the Dynamic driver for its superior bass response, its natural flavor, and the pros of the Balanced Armature driver for its detailed, separately well-tuned sound within different frequency bands     
  • We always hope to design one perfect In-ear Monitor which can combine the defining qualities of BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERs and DYNAMIC DRIVERs for real balanced sound with:
        --Warm and Superior Bass response
        --Detailed and Clear Response for Vocal Instrumental Sound
        --Smooth and Clean Coherence within Lows/Mids/Highs

        --No Annoying Sibilance 

While the most concerning points in DD&BA drivers' smooth coherence tuning and DD driver's durability are solved, we think it’s time and then we have the Mega5P (the MOST BALANCED HYBRID IN-EAR MONITOR we Hisenior ever have).

Mega5P Unique Features

  • 5-Hybrid Drivers (10mm DD+ 4BAs)
  • 4-Ways system (1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs)
  • Superior bass and soundstage
  • Forward vocal, detailed and clear treble 
  • Smooth coherence between BAs&DD Drivers
  • New Ergonomic design fit for small ears too

Sound Tuning

  • 4Ways system/ 1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs

Audiophiles/Musicians/High-end Music Lovers

  • Bass-Drum-Vocal-Guitar-Keys-Mix
bass-icon drum-icon keys-icon guitar-icon  guitar-icon


Drivers Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD+4BAs)
Tuning 4-Ways System/ 1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs
Freq Response 10Hzz-22Khz
Sensitivity 112db
 Impedance 19Ω
Noise Isolation -20db
Cable Default: 8Core Silver-plated OCC Cable (Angled 0.78mm 2pins)

Tips: Pure Silver cable helps to improve the Resolution and If you want to improve the whole musicality, we recommend the PURE COPPER cable.


What's In the Box

 Mega5P Hybrid In-ear Monitor
8-Core Silver Plated OCC Cable (Angled 0.78mm 2Pins)
Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof/Crushproof)
Clean Cloth
Silicone Eartips (L.M.S)
Foam Eartips (M)



2years-warranty 30days-perfect-fit easy-fitting-at-home free-shipping handmade
2-Years Warranty 30-Days Risk-free Trial Easy-fitting at home Free Shipping Handmade



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Design a Perfect Mega5P for you, We tried Hard

  • You know how difficult it is to have DD&BA drivers play harmoniously, aren’t you? Their sound reproduction is totally different and both 2drivers have their Pros&Cons.
 Balanced Armature Driver Dynamic Driver


-optimally tuned for specific frequency ranges

- smaller size

- better treble

-more efficient and fast response, easily get louder sound at lower power settings


- full frequency range cover

- natural and warm sounding

- Sound signature is more coherent- more powerful bass response


-Bass response is not as good as dynamic drivers, colder

-Single driver designs are not as good as dynamic drivers 


- Details missing

- Larger size

For smooth coherence and transition, we have done

 5Drivers (1DD+4BAs)/ 4Way-system(more detailed separations in frequency bands)

extended the effective frequency range deeper in lows (down to 10Hz) and higher (up to 22Khz)

The open-air outlet is directly set beside the 10mm Dynamic Driver (faster air exchange and better remain warm&natural bass)

  • Improve Dynamic Driver's Durability
 custom 10mm Dynamic Driver with sealed metal cover, important sound components (diaphragm/voice coil, etc) is better protected inside
DD drivers air exchange port set in the middle and lower position, avoid fluid resin/glue interference
thousands repeated testing in different conditions, the 10mm DD drivers durability has been proven from Mega5Est(our 1st Hybrid IEM launched last year) since 2021.
  • New Ergonomic Mold for Better Ear-fitting and Noise Isolation

Many of the universal in-ear monitors are not very friendly for small ears, too big shell or easily slip out from ears while you are walking. If the In-ear monitor can’t sit well in ears, how could it provide you the comfortable ear-fitting and noise-isolation?

Improve the Mega5P's ear fitting, What we've done?
New universal mold optimized from the mold of Mega5Est universal and adjusted to smaller size, Make it fit better even for small ears
Ergonomically adjusted angled ear-canal, cymba, make it tightly sit to your ears and more comfortable



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Mega5P our Most Balanced Hybrid In-ear Monitor


Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD+4BAs|4Ways)


New Ergonomic Design (Better Fitting to Small Ears too)

Handmade with Allergy Free Acrylic Resin

Sound Features

Warm and Natural Bass, Sub-bass Goes Deeper to 10Hz

Smooth Coherance between DD&BA Drivers, No Uncomfy Bass Pressure, No Sibilance

S-highs Extension up to 22KHz, Easily Get Guitar/Keys etc Sounds in Details


Drivers: Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD+4BAs)

Tuning: 4-Ways System/ 1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs

Freq Response: 10Hzz-22Khz

Sensitivity: 112db 

Impedance: 19Ω

Noise Isolation: -20db

What's in the Box

Mega5P Hybrid IEM

0.78mm 2pins 8core Silver-plated occ cable (1.2M/47")

Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof&Crushproof)

Clean Fiber Wiper


2-Years (IEM Only)

New Ergonomic Design

Optimized Nozzle, Cymba, Tragus

Tightly sit in ears(small ears excellently compatible too)

Get -20db Noise Isolation Easily

Block out noise from traffic, factory etc, let you enjoy comfortable musics only

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This IEM set is a no brainer

This IEM set checks all the boxes for me, no BA amber or sibilance at all, it is extremely well tuned, comfort and build quality are top notch, and the people at Hisenior are a joy to work with. If you have not gotten a set, what are you waiting for..?


I do not want to hurry up the time, but among the hybrid in-ear monitors of this (and not only this price segment) is a straight cherry on the cake! By the way that they are cool balanced, they are perfectly everything: a lot of sound and resolution and attacks and attenuation. Very satisfied


The people at hisenior are awesome and kind , they made the iem mega5p which is a hybrid with balanced armature and a dynamic driver . I am a headfi member name mochill who been in the audiophile community for over a decade now and I have many iems and earbuds in my collection as well as having alot more . Let say 2000+ gear at the moment and when I got these I can tell they are quality in sound and build. The case is also a pelican case. The cable is tightly woven and thick. The shell shape fits so comfortably in my ears . The tips I'm using is the spinfits w1 which is a new tip by spinfits which has a hard stem and sticky material to stay nice and put in the ears. The sound of the mega5p hangs in the $700 hybrid range easily and beating some in cohesiveness. The sound is balanced and bass is strong and fast. Midrange is flat and above average openess. Treble has sparkle and smoothness . Texture is above average and no sibilance is heard. Ba is intrigreated well with the dynamic driver so sound doesn't sound detached. For me I would highly recommend these .


Warm, and well balanced. Definitely one of the best hybrid iems I've heard in a long time. Great stuff!!


まず、一聴して思うのは空間表現が素晴らしい。 ライブ音源は正しく会場に誘ってくれます。 私は不覚にも鳥肌が発ちました。 高音は金物がちゃんとしたディテールで鳴るくらい綺麗に響きます。 ここまで綺麗な高音は生音含め初体験かも知れません。 中域は5khz付近の減衰させてる部分が私には落ち過ぎに聴こえます。 凄く自然でフラットに感じられかなり濃厚で分離されていてのに乖離してない波が止めどもなく押し寄せてきます。 低音は押し出しのある様な鳴り方ではありませんが、サブベースまで余裕で鳴っています。 コントラバスの音のディテールが豊かで多分、可聴域外も綺麗に鳴っいると感じます。 定位感はオーケストラの雛壇とおくまで感じられる素晴らしいものです。歌物ではボーカルは比較的近くに感じます 筐体は比較的小さく装着感は良好です。 ノズルは5mmに1mmのカエリで最大径が6mm。 ほとんどのイヤーピースが取り付け可能だと思います。 これはベストバイだと思います。 この音。コスパは最高だと思います。 個人的にはもう1台欲しいと思ってしまいます。

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