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Mega5P 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (New Arrival)

Mega5P 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (New Arrival)

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The Story of Mega5P

  • For Years, we can’t resist the pros of the Dynamic driver for its superior bass response, its natural flavor, and the pros of the Balanced Armature driver for its detailed, separately well-tuned sound within different frequency bands     
  • We always hope to design one perfect In-ear Monitor which can combine the defining qualities of BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERs and DYNAMIC DRIVERs for real balanced sound with:
        --Warm and Superior Bass response
        --Detailed and Clear Response for Vocal Instrumental Sound
        --Smooth and Clean Coherence within Lows/Mids/Highs

        --No Annoying Sibilance 

While the most concerning points in DD&BA drivers' smooth coherence tuning and DD driver's durability are solved, we think it’s time and then we have the Mega5P.

Mega5P Unique Features

  • 5-Hybrid Drivers (10mm DD+ 4BAs)
  • 4-Ways system (1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs)
  • Superior bass and soundstage
  • Forward vocal, detailed and clear treble 
  • Smooth coherence between BAs&DD Drivers
  • New Ergonomic design fit for small ears too

Sound Tuning

  • 4Ways system/ 1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs

Audiophiles/Musicians/High-end Music Lovers

  • Bass-Drum-Vocal-Guitar-Keys-Mix
Drivers Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD+4BAs)
Tuning 4-Ways System/ 1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs
Freq Response 10Hzz-22Khz
Sensitivity 112db
 Impedance 19Ω
Noise Isolation -20db
Cable Default: 8Core Silver-plated OCC Cable (Angled 0.78mm 2pins)


What's In the Box

 Mega5P Hybrid In-ear Monitor
8-Core Silver Plated OCC Cable (Angled 0.78mm 2Pins)
Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof/Crushproof)
Clean Cloth
Silicone Eartips (L.M.S)
Foam Eartips (M)


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Design a Perfect Mega5P for you, We tried Hard

  • You know how difficult it is to have DD&BA drivers play harmoniously, aren’t you? Their sound reproduction is totally different and both 2drivers have their Pros&Cons.
 Balanced Armature Driver Dynamic Driver


-optimally tuned for specific frequency ranges

- smaller size

- better treble

-more efficient and fast response, easily get louder sound at lower power settings


- full frequency range cover

- natural and warm sounding

- Sound signature is more coherent- more powerful bass response


-Bass response is not as good as dynamic drivers, colder

-Single driver designs are not as good as dynamic drivers 


- Details missing

- Larger size

For smooth coherence and transition, we have done

 5Drivers (1DD+4BAs)/ 4Way-system(more detailed separations in frequency bands)

extended the effective frequency range deeper in lows (down to 10Hz) and higher (up to 22Khz)

The open-air outlet is directly set beside the 10mm Dynamic Driver (faster air exchange and better remain warm&natural bass)

  • Improve Dynamic Driver's Durability
 custom 10mm Dynamic Driver with sealed metal cover, important sound components (diaphragm/voice coil, etc) is better protected inside
DD drivers air exchange port set in the middle and lower position, avoid fluid resin/glue interference
thousands repeated testing in different conditions, the 10mm DD drivers durability has been proven from Mega5Est(our 1st Hybrid IEM launched last year) since 2021.
  • New Ergonomic Mold for Better Ear-fitting and Noise Isolation

Many of the universal in-ear monitors are not very friendly for small ears, too big shell or easily slip out from ears while you are walking. If the In-ear monitor can’t sit well in ears, how could it provide you the comfortable ear-fitting and noise-isolation?

Improve the Mega5P's ear fitting, What we've done?
New universal mold optimized from the mold of Mega5Est universal and adjusted to smaller size, Make it fit better even for small ears
Ergonomically adjusted angled ear-canal, cymba, make it tightly sit to your ears and more comfortable



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Mega5P our Most Balanced Hybrid In-ear Monitor


Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD+4BAs|4Ways)


New Ergonomic Design (Better Fitting to Small Ears too)

Handmade with Allergy Free Acrylic Resin

Sound Features

Warm and Natural Bass, Sub-bass Goes Deeper to 10Hz

Smooth Coherance between DD&BA Drivers, No Uncomfy Bass Pressure, No Sibilance

S-highs Extension up to 22KHz, Easily Get Guitar/Keys etc Sounds in Details


Drivers: Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD+4BAs)

Tuning: 4-Ways System/ 1Low+2Mid-highs+2S-highs

Freq Response: 10Hzz-22Khz

Sensitivity: 112db 

Impedance: 19Ω

Noise Isolation: -20db

What's in the Box

Mega5P Hybrid IEM

0.78mm 2pins 8core Silver-plated occ cable (1.2M/47")

Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof&Crushproof)

Clean Fiber Wiper


2-Years (IEM Only)

Mega5P Spring Sales

8Core Silver-plated OCC Cable

Hisenior 1010AGen2 Custom Protect Case

More 20$ Off (Coupon code: 5P))

8Core Silver-plated OCC Cable

1010AGen2 Case

Superior protection for your IEMs


Divided IEM/Accessories Space

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
翔 関山

Mega5P 5-Drivers Hybrid IEM (New Arrival)

Mariusz Maćkowski
Fast delivery, great product!

Mega 5p got to my door in Poland in less than 2 weeks with no extra taxes.

In my opinion the product itself is quite underestimated and diserves more attention.

First of all, universal fit profile is great (at least in my ears) and included eartips are surprisingly good. I can wear those for hours.

Box that it came with is pretty handy and not only fits IEMs with a cable, eartips, but also my Qudelix 5k with USB-C cable.

Sound is one of the most subjective things in the world, but I can say I hear more than before in my favourite tracks. Trebble is smooth, but detailed and the bass is deep, but only when it needs to be. Mega 5p does not drop you in the bass hole when the artist did not intend to do so, but if it was the musician intention, then man... They can rumble!
Those are not v-shaped a lot and more focused on a good reproduction. All the drivers works in a good harmony, which is not that common.
They're quite universal for a different music genres.

Mega 5p are also quite efficient so you'll have enough volume even on a simple phone dongle and on a proper source they extend much further than you'd ever want.

I know this review sounds a bit biased but I simply love those for the fit and sound.
Good job Hisenior!


比較対象がWF-1000XM4とHD650です。FiioのBTR7に繋げてAmazon Music Unlimitedで様々なタイプの楽曲を聴いてみました。

Theophilu Oyewo
An unbeatable standard

Kudos to the company for producing this scintillating products

I am so impressed with it's functions


A new standard of Hybrid IEM

There are plenty of hybrid IEM out there that loved by the community. MEGA5P came out of nowhere and surprising the community, by its performance and price.

It is a very balanced sounding tuned iem. Bass is adequate, impactful yet no boomy or bleeding to mids. Mids is smooth and clean, not affected by bass in anyway. Upper mids is forward and very musical. Female vocal came out to be very airy and pleasant to listen to. It is not as forward as the Tea 2, but some may prefer it this way. Totally zero sibilance issue. Width is decent enough.

Definitely worth the price. Havent seen much that can achieve this performance under this price point.

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