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Mega10 10-Drivers 219$ Off 1piece

Mega10 10-Drivers 219$ Off 1piece

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About Mega10 Universal In-ear Monitor

The Mega10 features an upgraded 10drivers configuration, consisting of professional 4x Sonion and 6x Knowles music drivers each side. 

Alongside with 4-way crossover/Triple-bores/3knowles dampers sound tuning to effortlessly reproduce the sonic transparency and critical details needed for monitoring, mixing, and meet the professional needs of music, cinema, and broadcast production. One well balanced universal in-ear monitor for

Musician: Vocal/Guitar/Keys/Drum/Bass/Mix


Mega10 Universal Specifications

Drivers                             10BAs (4sonion+6knowles)  
Configuration                  4Lows +2Mids+2Highs+2S-highs
Tuning                             4Way/ Triple-Bores/3Dampers
Freq Response                10Hz-21Khz
Sensitivity                        114dB/mW
Impedance                       20Ω
Isolation                           -20db
Cable                                0.78mm 2pins OCC cable(1.2M/47") 

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Mega10 Uiversal In-ear Monitor


10-Balanced Armature Drivers(6Sonion + 4Knowles)

4Ways Crossover

Balanced Bass-Vocal-Treble with Detailed Highs, Smooth
Mids, High Clarity and Warm Well Defined Bass

Manual Sound Adjust Switch (Bass+/ Balanced/ Instrumental

What's in the Box

-Mega10 Universal in Ear Monitor 

-Air4C Cable

-1010AGen2 Case

-9Pairs Silicone/Foam Eartips

-Clean Cloth

Mega10U 219$ Off StockSale

Black shell + Blue Abalone Faceplate

1Piece Only

Manual Sound Tuning Switch


BlackFriday Gift1:

Air4C 4Strands 212Cores OCC Upgrade Cable

(Lighter/Softer/Improve Soundstage)

Learn more about Air4C

BlackFriday Gift2:

Hisenior 1010AGen2 New Protect Case

more about 1010AGen2 Case

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