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Fe3 3-Drivers 149$ Off Stock Sale 1piece

Fe3 3-Drivers 149$ Off Stock Sale 1piece

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3-Drivers (Sonion)/ Same as SHURE SE535
new ergonomic design fitting even for small ears
superior noise-canceling -26db (get rid of noise and only enjoy happy sound)

Sound Tuning
2Ways system/ 1low-1mid-1high

Tech Specifications

Drivers                             3BAs (SONION)  
Configuration                  1Low +1Mid+1High
Tuning                             2Way/ 1Bore/1Damper (refered SE535)
Freq Response                15Hz-22Khz
Sensitivity                        113dB/mW
Impedance                       40Ω
Isolation                           -26db
Cable                                0.78mm 2pins OCC cable(1.2M/47") 

What's In the Box
Fe3 universal in-ear monitor
8core silver-plated occ cable
pelican protective case
clean Brush 
clean fiber wiper

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Fe3U Pro-3BAs BlackFriday 149$ Off StockSale 1Piece


3-Drivers (Sonion 33AJ+2323)| 2Ways
Spacious sound with clear Highs, mids separation, and wide soundstage
noise isolation(-20db)


Drivers: 3BAs (SONION)  
Configuration: 1Low+1Mid+1High
Tuning: 2Way/ 1Bore/1Damper (refered SE535)
Freq Response: 15Hz-22Khz
Sensitivity: 113dB/mW
Impedance: 40Ω
Noise Isolation: -20db

Fe3 UIEM New Ergonomic New Design

Adjusted Nozzle, Leaned Cymba and Narrower Tragus for Tighter Ear-fitting



Air4C 4Strands 212Cores Upgrade Cable

1.2M (47")


Hisenior Custom 1010AGen2 Protect Case

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