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Fe12 12-Drivers Flagship IEM (Custom)

Fe12 12-Drivers Flagship IEM (Custom)

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Fe12 Custom Features
our 1st Flagship CIEM with 4x Electrostatic Drivers
powered by 12-Drivers (8BAs+ 4EST)
one CIEM for all (detailed highs, smooth mids, high clarity, and defined bass)
superior soundstage

4Est Super Tweeter for clear-defined instrumental definition (guitar,keys)
premium -26db acoustic isolation rejects noise in any environment
custom, personalized fit stays secure and comfortable

Sound Tuning
5Ways system/ 2Lows +4Mids+2Highs+4S-highs



Estimated Build Time

(Attention Please: the Fe12 has 12 Drivers on each side including the big EST Drivers, and needs larger SHELL SPACE, if you have small ears, then the Fe12 may not be assembled in.)

Quad-Electrostatic Super Tweeter
-Dual Electret Technology with Transformer
-up to 80Khz S-highs Super Extension
-Passive Driver by Included Miniature Transformer
-Super tweeter from 7KHz and Upwards

What's in the Box
-Fe12 Custom in-ear monitor 
-Mix2Dragon Coaxial Cable (4.4 3.5 2.5mm Optional)
-1010AGen2 New Portable Case
-Clean Devices

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Fe12 Flagship Custom for Ultimate Sound


Our 1st and only CIEM with 4EST Super Tweeters

5-Ways Detailed Crossover

10Hz-80Khz Superior Sub-Bass/S-highs Extension

Well Smooth Transition within Bass,Vocal and Treble

Superior noise isolation(-26db)

Top one CIEM for Ultimate Rock,Pop,Classical,Country,Blue Musics


Drivers: 12-Drivers (8BAs + 4Electrostatic)

Configuration: 2Lows +4Mids+2Highs+4S-highs

Sound Tuning: 5Ways/Triple-bores/3Dampers

Frequency Response: 10hz-80KHz 

Sensitivity: 114dB

Impedance: 15Ω

Acoustic Isolation-26dB

What's in the Box

Fe12 Custom In-ear Monitor

8Core Hybrid Silver&Copper Alloy Upgrade Cable (4.4mm,3.5mm,2.5mm Balanced and Gold-plated Detachable Jack-plugs (2Pins 0.78mm))

Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof&Crushproof)

Sound Nozzle Clean Tool

Clean Fiber Wiper


2-Years (IEM Only)

30-Days Perfect Fit Guarantee

4x Electrostatic Super Tweeters Inside

-Dual Electret Technology with Transformer

-S-Highs Freq Extend Up to 80Khz

-Passive Driver by Included Miniature Transformer

-Super tweeter from 7KHz and Upwards

Mix2Dragon Upgrade Cable

2Strands Coaxial Design

Mix 6NOCC/5NSilver/SilverPlatedOCC

4.4mm/3.5mm/2.5mm Balanced Plug Optional

1.2M (47")

101AGen2 New Case

Dimension: 138*100*56mm


Divided IEM/Accessories Space

Custom Color

If Your Interested Shell,Faceplate Designs not Listed in our Description, Please Contact and Send Us the Photos of Designs You Like, Hisenior Team will Try the Best to Specially Design for You.

Start to Design

Customer Reviews

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Mitsuru Hattori
素晴らしいサウンド - Excellent sound



They produce a pleasant sound across the entire frequency range. The sound tone is neutral and easy to listen to, with a beautiful timbre. There is no white noise, but they are somewhat difficult to drive, so it is recommended to use them in an environment where a certain amount of power can be ensured.

Although they are equipped with 8 balanced armatures, the metallic resonance is not bothersome. This may be because the highs are handled by an electrostatic driver. There is no harshness, but the sparkle is sufficiently present. The tuning is exquisitely balanced.

Due to the excellent separation, they perform remarkably well in this frequency range where sounds tend to overlap. The detail is so fine that one may be tempted to turn up the volume. Listening to them is incredibly satisfying.

The bass is sufficiently present, and there is no sense of deficiency. The texture is tight, and the quantity is not overwhelming. However, as mentioned earlier, the excellent separation gives them more than enough presence.

T2 Custom has excellent cost performance, but the separation in the midrange and the metallic ringing in the highs can be bothersome. This model resolves these issues, and the resolution is significantly higher. It might be worthy of being a flagship. Although it is expensive and requires some courage to purchase, it is competitively priced compared to similar products from other manufacturers, and I think there will be no regrets after buying it.

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