Inner Ear Music Monitors B5 with 5Knowles BAs Audiophiless

Inner Ear Music Monitors B5 with 5Knowles BAs Audiophiless

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About B5

B5 inner ear music monitors with 5 Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers each side and Egger allergy free resin shell(NOT PLASTIC).

Handmade within whole assembling,polishing, sculpting process, B5 can provide you the comfortable ear fitting as well as neutral balanced low-mid-highs clean sound at an affordable low price,good for starting audiophiles and singer voice lovers.

B5 UIEM Specifications

Drivers                             5 knowles Balanced Armature Driver  

Configuration                  2 Low + 2 Mid + 1 High

Crossover                          3-Way Passive Crossover

Freq Response                  20Hz-20Khz

Sensitivity                         102dB/mW

Impedance                        20Ω

Isolation                            -18db


In the Box

B5 UIEM in-ear monitor earphone 

1.2m/47" 4Core OCC cable (3.5mm Oyaide Gold-plated Jack-plug)

Hisenior Waterproof Protect Case

3.5mm to 2.5mm balanced Converter

3 Pairs Memory Eartips

6 Pairs Silicone Eartips


About B5 UIEM Earphone Color

B5 default at BLACK color design , the others available FREE COLOR designs include BLUE/RED/PURPLE/TRANSPARENT, please tell us by MESSENER/EMAIL: if you need change color


About B5 UIEM Monitor Earphone Shipping

Free Shipping by "CHINA POST REGISTERED AIRMAIL" has been included in the Price.  If you need faster DHL/FEDEX/EMS and willing to pay the extra 30$ freight, please contact us by messenger or email before shipping


B5 Head-fi Customer Reviews

Pros: Very midcentric IEM that is great for acoustic, vocals, jazz type genres.
         Non fatiguing
         Excellent timbre and accuracy of tone
         Nice accessories
         Excellent imaging, instrument separation
         Good details, clarity
         Good build quality Good isolation
ConsNot for trebleheads or bassheads due to roll off at either end of frequency spectrum Not an allrounder due to its tuning. Not suitable for some genres like EDM or bass predominant songs Fitting may be issue for some due to short nozzle
May require EQ to bring out the best in the frequency spectrum
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