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We are manufacture, designer of professional In-ear monitors for musicians, stage engineers, audiophiles and customize every in-ear monitors earphone according to your design,sound expectations. Our labs in CHENGDU,CHINA and mission towards to inspire musicians and music lovers connect with music through our affordable extraordinary sounding products.







Custom In-ear Monitor Ear Impression Guide

Hisenior custom in-ear monitors are full shell products. Therefore, a full impression of the ear is required featuring at a minimum reaching to 2nd bend of ears. The impressions must be taken with a high-viscosity silicone impression material.

In order to make a qualified ear impression, a bite block should be used throughout the entire impressions process (beginning when the impressions material is injected into the ear and ending after the impressions material has fully hardened).

We recommended that all ear mold impressions are shipped via prepaid traceable POST/EMS and are securely packaged in crush proof packaging.

 ciem standard ear impression

How to Order and Customize In-ear Monitor from Hisenior

1.Start to select the SHELL&FACEPLATE you interested from the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION page and send it to mail gareth.topeco@hotmail.com
Get Ear Impression guide file

2.Get your Ear impressions                                                                       

Custom In-Ear Monitors require ear impressions. Find an Audiologist near you and schedule an appointment to get ear impressions done for custom in-ear monitors. The cost of your ear impressions must be paid directly to the Audiologist and cannot be billed to Hisenior Audio

3.Email us the EAR IMPRESSION photos                                                   

Taking clear photos from the angles outlined as above standard ear impression photo is critical for our technicians to properly evaluate your impression. Please send ear impression photos to gareth.topeco@hotmail.com

4. Ship your Ear Impressions                                                                       

Once your ear impressions are approved, please ship it to our labs.


How to select and Send us the Right SHELL and Faceplate Design?

Just need tell us the SHELL FACEPLATE TRACK NUMBER -for example:   

                 Left&Right in Same Shell Faceplate:  L1 shell + F1 faceplate       

                 Left&Right in Different Shell Faceplate: 

                                                                             Left:  L1 Shell + F1 faceplate /Right:    L2 shell + F2 faceplate

 If you can't find shell and faceplate design you interested in the product description, please contact with our Customer service by messenger or mail and forward the photo you interested, then our technician's team can check and confirm if we can special customize for you.



1. 30Days Fit-Guarantee for Custom In-ear Monitors                                Because of the many variables that happen in creating a custom product, there may be a need for a fit adjustment. Hisenior provide 30days Fit-guarantee to ensure the perfect fit of your Custom In-ear monitors. We may rebuild your earphones if refitting is not possible and need your support to send the CIEM earphone back to our labs within the 30days Fit-guarantee period.       

2.  Custom In-Ear Monitors- LIMITED 2-YEARs WARRANTY                    Hisenior Audio offers a two-year limited warranty on the T-Series/MEGA-series custom models. Hisenior warrants the T-Series and MEGA-Series custom models to be free from defects in materials and workmanship in either the external shell or internal components for a period of two years from the date of fulfillment and will replace or repair custom models within warranty. 

3.Universal-Fit Earphones- LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY                        Hisenior Audio offers a one-year limited warranty on the Universal-Fit models. Hisenior warrants the Universal-Fit models to be free from defects in materials and workmanship on either external shell or internal components for a period of one year from the date of fulfillment and will replace or repair Universal-Fit models within warranty.



Hisenior Custom-fit In-Ear Monitors Earphone Lookbook


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Pros: Excellent coherent sound, non-fatiguing, stellar imaging
Cons: mediocre unboxing experience
Longevity or Popularity? It would have been a great if we had both in almost all of our preferred brand. Lately, it’s likely one of the two to which you’d attach you’re preferred brand to. I’ve 1st heard of Custom In Ear Monitors way back 2014 from the likes of Vision Ears, Rhines and Advanced AcousticWerkes which paved the way for me to discover so much more brands in the CIEM game. I wasn’t able to pick up a personal CIEM unit however tried most of the UIEM demo units from the said brands and right around the corner is Hisenior, not praised enough yet not disdained as well. Fast forward to 2019 and here’s Hisenior again, steady and still under the radar in terms of marketability. I finally got the chance to get in-depth with one of their audiophile monitors in the form of the Hisenior T4 UIEM version, which I had a hand in picking the shell and faceplate design.
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How to take Custom In-ear monitors perfectly

take custom in ear monitors earphone