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New Pelican Protective Case (Waterproof,Crushproof)

4x Strands 6N-OCC Upgrade (for Mega5p)

2x Strands Mix (7N-OCC/5N-Silver/Silver Plated OCC ) Upgrade Cable (for Mega5-Est)

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Gift: Hisenior New 4*Strands 6N-OCC Upgrade Cable (53*cores each Strand, total 212 Cores)

How to Win: Write a Review of Your Hisenior IEMs in Our Official Store (T2/Mega5P/Mega5Est/Fe8... etc)

Note: If you've already write a review, automatically you will get the right to join the giveaway.

The Most Recommend

Mega5P Hybrid 1+4/4Ways

Superior Extension: 10Hz-22KHz

New Ergonomic Design (Better Fitting to Small Ears too)

Harman Target Curve Tuning (Warm Bass/Clean Vocal/Detailed Treble 3Freqs Balanced)


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Best Price, the Last Chance

T2 Custom In-ear Monitor

2-Drivers (Knowles PRO)

30% Off

More Free Shell/Faceplate Options

New Protective Case Gift

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Mega5-EST for Superior Sound

Hybrid 5-Drivers (10mm DD + 2BAs + 2Est)

10Hz-50Khz Superior Extension

Powered by Sonion Electrostatic Tweeter (Highs up to 80Khz)

100$ Off + 2More Gifts (only in 11.11 Sales)

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New 4*Strands 6N-OCC Cable


53*Cores Each Strand, Total 212*Cores

1.2m/ 3.5mm Gold Plated Jack-plug

Super Light/Soft, Improve the Sounds' Warmth and Clarity

(Free Upgrade Cable for Mega5p within 11.11 Sales/ Giveaway gift for Write a Review)

New 2*Strands Coaxial Design Cable

Mix 7N-OCC/5N-Sterling Silver/ Silver-plated 6N-OCC

TPU&Fiber Braid Protective Layer

Sound: Improve the clarity/ sound Warmth/ Sound Accurancy

(Free Upgrade Cable for Mega5Est)

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